4Cargo like steel & steel products, break-bulk cargo and project cargo including Heavy Lifts and ODCs often require dedicated break-bulk or tramp services with flexible routing options. Haven offers tramp/break-bulk services on demand negotiating best pricing and routing options for your cargo. Our break bulk and bulk services teams who are handling all sizes of vessels carrying a wide range of cargoes from industrial commodities like coal, iron ore, alumina, cement, steel, timber to food grade items like wheat, rice and sugar.

We handle vessels of all sizes and facilitate cross border charter agreements be it voyage charter, time charter or bareboat charter depending on our customers’ cargo requirements. We can arrange contracts for geared as well as gearless vessels and can work out best routing plans to ensure cost-effective transportation solutions with port- based operational support.

Our team of professionals is available round-the-clock to handle all operational issues and pre-empt them with timely intervention. We assure our customers of regular reporting and updating of shipment status about all activities of the ship in the port