Dry Bulk

A dry bulk commodity is a raw material that is shipped in large, un-packaged amounts. These dry bulk commodities are usually divided into two categories; major bulks and minor bulks. Major dry bulk commodities include coal, iron ore and grain. Minor bulks include steel products, sugars, cement, etc.

The dry bulk market includes Iron ore, Coal, Grains, nickel ore, Steel, Cement, Fertilizers, Pet coke, Agricultural products, non-ferrous minerals and metals. Iron ore, Coal and Grain are the largest contributors, accounting for more than half of the trade between them.

Our clients value our experience, reliability and in particular our all-round service advising on dry cargo chartering, on the spot market or for long-term business a voyage or time charter basis. We serve local owners and charterers as well in other parts of the world. Apart from all above we handle all types of cargo, e.g. bauxite, cement, grain, Fertilizer, steel, timber etc for such type of vsl’s are mainly in Panamax and Handy max and vessels, depending on the consignments, port limitations and routes. We regularly do aggregate cargoes from PG to Chittagong basis on voyage charter. We can offer more choices and flexibility in terms of the size and nature of your bulk shipment. Whatever bulk cargo you have, we can assure you it will be handled care and attention.